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The alchemy of our brand

Sabe Masson- La Maison du Soft Perfume, was inspired by the Grande Galerie de L’Evolution of Paris (The Natural History Museum of Paris), whose architecture and gardens are witnesses of our living world’s constant evolution. The fauna, flora, humanity in this district of Paris, and from her travels, is what inspired Isabelle Masson-Mandannaud to create this Maison de Parfum- a concept so different and innovative.

In this way, the brand is built around some core values:

Deep respect for our vital ecosystem: all things living & their cultures.

Recognition of know-how: artists, craftsmen, cosmetologists with whom we work and encourage an artistic approach.

A fundamentally innovative posture in order to offer excellence and beautiful beauty products from which we take pleasure in using.

Reconnecting with oneself through your senses and taking the time to breathe.

Nature & Evolution

Plants, animals, and humans are all linked and we need to build a better world that also adapts to our lifestyles.

We develop our products in the closest way possible to our global ecosystem with deep respect for all things living: flora & fauna. Our packaging is 100 % recyclable and we are currently working on projects to further reduce our waste production, starting with creating a refill system for your Soft Perfumes.

We have a vegan selection available with a goal of turning our entire collection vegan with the EVE Vegan certification very soon.


Our motto is “Fragrance is the soul of the world, and the world changes” which is exactly what we’re trying to do: change the way we wear perfume. With Sabé Masson comes the next generation of Perfumery-Soft Perfume. A new way of wearing your favorite fragrance without having to compromise your skin’s well-being. These Soft Perfumes or "Skincare Perfumes" are the result of precise associations between the art of fine perfumery and natural cosmetic ingredients.

Since 2014 we’ve created our fragrances with our customer in mind: those looking for a high quality, long-lasting & skin-friendly perfume. So, whether it be in its liquid or solid form, Soft Perfume contains no harsh chemicals. Making our purer scents suitable for all skin types is important to us. We want to create products that will blossom & flourish when applied to your pulsation points.

Our formulas are all alcohol-free, paraben-free, and paraffin-free. Made with the finest raw materials and composed with natural cosmetic bases.

Artistic Approach & Savoir Faire

An ingrained taste for progression drives us and fosters a close, fulfilling collaboration for everyone who partakes in the development or improvement of our products. The recognition and artistry of knowledge is extremely important: the artists, craftsmen, cosmetologists we work with are always encouraged to have, above all, an artistic approach.

All our Solid & liquid Skincare Perfumes are painstakingly designed, created, formulated and manufactured in France.


From 1982 to now, the story of Isabelle Masson-Mandonnaud & Sabé Masson

  • Shop8

    When I finished my studies, I joined a little perfumery company in Limoges, France called Shop 8. At the time, I had no idea that I would meet the future father of my children and that a tremendous story as about to be written.

  • Sephora

    Over the course of the company evolutions and revolutions, we acquired Sephora from the group “Boots” of which we would only keep the name to begin a new concept of self-service perfumery.

  • Rue Mouffetard

    After a new baby together, we decided to part our separate ways and I alone start a new project in the studio Rue Mouffetard in Paris.The idea came to me for a new way of perfume, a light and easy ritual that would mix the artistic origins of perfume with the modern woman’s lifestyle. It's not just about letting a little aroma flow onto your skin, but giving the fragrance another body, a unique soul.

  • Crazylibellule & Poppies

    For a new adventure, it was time for a new name: "Crazylibellule and the Poppies", as well as a transformation from the traditional bottle to the very first "caress of perfume".

    Crazylibellule and the Poppies travels the world from its base in Belleville in Paris. A rather extraordinary bouquet of 28 fragrances, created and introduced into Europe, Asia and America. Unfortunately, personal circumstances brought this story to a close.

  • New Partners

    After the upheaval again came the incessant desire to create, to innovate – a certain form of resilience. I reinvented myself through a new company, densifying the heritage of my previous adventure. A more evolved, more mature & stronger brand aware of new scientific and ecological needs was created. In 2014 I decided to partner with UPPERSIDE, a French family business, who would act as a solid and equal partner in my new entrepreneurial venture.

  • Sabe Masson

    Together, we evolved, developed and moved forward. And so, the brand Sabé Masson - La Maison du Soft Perfume, was born.

    This marks the appearance of the first fragrance with a thousand virtues, the new Parisian Maison de Parfum, rich by it’s unique expertise and remarkable by its difference. It was not long before we opened our first boutique in the chic « Haut Marais » in Paris , France.

I think I've always loved this mysterious, singular, eloquent world of Beauty